Ecoshield is the innovative nontoxic, nonstick coating for pans.

Primecook nonstick cookware is synonymous with saferesistantand high-quality Italian craftsmanship.

One of its most important novelties is its Ecoshield nonstick coating, which is an absolute benefit for the cooking market. In fact, Ecoshield is the only nonstick coating for pans that is PTFE-, PFOA-, and nickel-free and in full respect for human health and the environment. This  safe coating feels smooth and is resistant to scratches. It is an eco-friendly solution that takes kitchen performance to a new level.

PTFE-, PFOA-, nickel-, and heavy metals-free
Nonstick, inorganic coating with ultra-resistant mineral microparticles
Perfect for fat-free cooking thanks to the reduced need for oil
Suitable for cooking at very high temperatures, up to 400°C (750°F)
Thickness of 45 microns with 3 reinforced layers
Longer life compared to low-cost nonstick Teflon pans
Scratch-proof, rustproof, and resistant to chemical agents
Quick and easy to clean
Super smooth, glossy, and durable surface

Thanks to its extraordinary heat resistance, Ecoshield is highly suitable for cooking at high temperatures. It gives food an incredible golden crust. The cookware’s water-based inorganic composition with mineral microparticles makes it completely safe. It does not emit toxic fumes, and it keeps the organoleptic properties of foods intact.

The innovative coating is obtained through a fluoropolymer-, PTFE-, PFOA-, and heavy metal-free nanotechnology process through the application of high-temperature spray paint over the entire inner surface. What is the result? The first eco-friendly, efficient, durable, nonstick coating without any human health risks.

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